【Staff Pick!】2002 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt ’60 Stratocaster Closet Classic by John English (Sunburst)

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2002年製 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt ’60 Stratocaster Closet Classic by John English (Sunburst)です。








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My pick for today is…

2002 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt ’60 Stratocaster Closet Classic by John English (Sunburst)


Here’s a Strat from 2002 built by legendary Fender Senior Masterbuilder John English. A darn good one too. The Closet Classic treatment is looking great and the rosewood fingerboard has a nice dark color which adds to the vibe. The moment you open up the case, you feel the aura of a vintage guitar. Nowadays, a guitar built by the late master craftsman holds a value of its own, and it isn’t hard to see why.

This thing is a tone machine. The neck profile is slightly fatter than most regular Custom Shop ’60-style Strats, solidly supporting the vibration of the strings. From this you get a little more boldness especially in the wound strings, and there’s a good amount of power in the pickups for a nice fat tone. The neck, middle and bridge pickup positions all have a focused harmonic character and great clarity, and the neck/middle and middle/bridge mixed positions have a sparkly treble and scooped mids that sound outstanding. I usually don’t play much in these positions because a lot of Strats sound a bit thin and lacking harmonic density, but this one I couldn’t quit.

The frets have been replaced which is not very surprising for a guitar from 16 years and simply goes to show that it had been played and loved. The medium-jumbo sized frets feel great, and considering the fact many Custom Shop Strats from recent years have the medium-jumbo as stock, I’m not bothered by it all. I love this Strat.

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