【Staff Pick!】2003 James Tyler Studio Elite FMT (Jim Burst)

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2003年製 James Tyler Studio Elite FMT (Jim Burst)です。

フレイムトップ、ジムバースト、リズムリードサーキット完備…そう、最上級をあなたにのコーナーです。オプションカラーながらもはや定番となったこのジムバースト、ご存知とは思いますが年代や個体差でかなり色味が違います…近年だともっと明るくビビットな色味のものが多い傾向にありますが、この個体は2000年代前半らしい青みが濃くやや落ち着いたカラーリングです。早い年代のタイラーが好きなスタッフYとしてはこのJim Burstはかなり好みに近い色味です…フレイムも上品な揺れ方で、いかにも固そうなメイプルが使われています。










Hello friends!

My pick for today is…

2003 James Tyler Studio Elite FMT (Jim Burst)

Cream of the crop. Flame maple top, Jim Burst finish, rhythm/lead circuit. This is pretty much all you can ask for in a Studio Elite. If you’re a fan of James Tylers, you may be aware that Jim Burst is a custom color, though we see many of these nowadays. You may also be aware that there are pretty obvious year-to year difference in color tones. Recent ones tend to be brighter, more vivid, but this one has the early 2000’s tone with deeper blue. For a guy like me who likes Tyler guitars from earlier years, this finish is spot on. The flame has an elegant figure and looks like a pretty hard maple.

So, the sound.

It’s got a clear tone unique to maple top/mamywo back Elites. I personally prefer this combination on an Elite with the rhythm/lead circuit. Whatever position you play on mamywo bodies seems to be easier to get along.

From time to time I hear people go “there are just too many switches I can’t wrap my head around it”. I tend to use them this way:

First dial in your setting in rhythm mode with the single-coil pickups in parallel connection.

Then, if you want to play lead on the neck or middle pickup, set the corresponding mini-switch to series connection. If you want to play lead on the bridge pickup, tap on the rhythm/lead switch and activate the bridge pickup. If you want more, turn on the mid-boost. It might be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to access each positions in a flash. The Demeter mid-boost circuit sounds very nice, and this guitar really doesn’t need very many pedals under your feet.

Though it’s got many functions, this guitar can keep everything musical, which is not an easy thing to accomplish.

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