【Staff Pick!】2009 Fender Custom Shop TB ’62 Stratocaster Heavy Relic (Lake Placid Blue)

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2009年製 Fender Custom Shop TB ’62 Stratocaster Heavy Relic (Lake Placid Blue)です。







Happy Straturday!

My pick for today is…

2009 Fender Custom Shop TB ’62 Stratocaster Heavy Relic (Lake Placid Blue).

Yet another Lake Placid Blue Strat. The last one sold pretty quick (dang I lost that fight) but luckily we got a Heavy Relic one in right after and sounds just as good. The lacquer on the neck has been removed and though some people seem to not like the texture, I like the feel of the wood in my hands. While some Heavy Relic guitars have pretty much no finish left (like the ones Dale Wilson makes), this one has a really nice vibe and doesn’t look overdone.

For a guy like me who usually plays Gibsons more than Fenders, humbuckers more than single-coils, you’d want a bit of sparkle in the top end to distinguish the tone from the rich mid-range of humbuckers. At the same time you want to enjoy the tight harmonic character of single-coils, which would sound “dry” to the ear. That’s why I love ash-body Strats. While alder would have a little more of that low mid-range harmonics which is great, ash bodies tend to have flatter mids, and I like the way that tone pushes the amp, especially when you crank it enough to break up. The overdriven tone would add even more shimmer to the top end, and this really broadens the band’s sound because the frequency range would go right in between the vocals and drummer’s cymbals. I like to have an organ to add even more depth, and I can just hear this guitar sound good in that situation.

Even if you’re an at-home player, I’m sure you can enjoy the fast response of this guitar. Not as fast as those modern high-end brands, but fast for a Fender, and the one of the things I love most about Fenders is the not-as-fastness. Can I please just take this guitar home with me…

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