【Staff Pick!】2011 Eastwood Guitars Airline Tremolectric Limited Edition Sailor Jerry (White)

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2011 Eastwood Guitars Airline Tremolectric Limited Edition Sailor Jerry (White)




















Hello friends!


My pick for today is…
2011 Eastwood Guitars Airline Tremolectric Limited Edition Sailor Jerry (White)


Here’s a special guitar I want to let you all know about.


Airline was originally one of the guitar brands run by department store Montgomery Wards, and were made by Valco.


These Valco-made guitars of various brands (i.e. Supro, Silvertone, National etc.) are known as odd-looking, “bizarre” guitars with tons of vibe and mojo.


I’m not going to go far into the history behind these, but this particular guitar is one of the replicas made by Eastwood Guitars, and has a huge Sailor Jerry print on the top and back.


Some ink-freaks may be familiar with the name, but Sailor Jerry was an iconic tattoo artist back in the day, and thus the guitar was made as a limited edition in honor of him.


The chambered body has a unique nasally resonance, and though the pickups seem to be pretty hot, the tone is very much semi-acoustic like a warm jazzy mid-range.


The guitar has a rather modern sound despite its looks and has a good amount of sustain.

It didn’t seem like the best guitar to play with dirt for me, but the clean tone was actually pretty nice.


Looks can be deceiving sometimes right?
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