【Staff Pick!】2014 Fender Custom Shop ’59 Stratocaster Heavy Relic (Sunburst)

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2014 Fender Custom Shop ’59 Stratocaster Heavy Relic (Sunburst)。














Hello friends!

My pick for today is…
2014 Fender Custom Shop ’59 Stratocaster Heavy Relic (Sunburst)


This one is one of our shop favorites, and if we ever get asked for a good-sounding Strat with a rosewood fingerboard, this one is the one we always pull out.


It’s got a great looking relicing, but has some modern specs for better playability, like the 9.5″ radius fingerboard and narrow-jumbo frets, which are a taller version of a vintage-style fret if you will.


The notes project well even when you hit the strings hard, and the mid-range bite is just awesome, allowing you to squeeze all the juice without the strings getting “defeated” by the attack.


The neck pickup has a good amount of fatness and grit, the bridge pickup has a great “quack” without any piercing treble, and the middle pickup is, as simple as it sounds, right around the middle of the two other pickups.


If you’re looking for a good bold Strat, this is the one.
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