【Staff Pick!】2014 Fender Custom Shop ’61 Stratocaster Relic (Aged Lake Placid Blue)

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2014年製 Fender Custom Shop ’61 Stratocaster Relic (Aged Lake Placid Blue)です。








Hello friends!


My pick for today’s Straturday is…

2014 Fender Custom Shop ’61 Stratocaster Relic (Aged Lake Placid Blue).

When it comes to Strats, Lake Placid Blue is one of my favorite finishes. Especially this “Aged” one with a darker tone looks very appealing. The relic treatment looks fantastic with that finish wear around the elbow and the checking throughout the body. Not only that, though this guitar is a ’61 model, this guitar has an ash body. I come across ash body Lake Placid Blue Strats from time to time, and I always think “this is the one to get…” I love early 60’s Strats with ash body. It might not be the most straight-forward spec, but the tone and feel really fits me.

Ash bodies give the body a flatter midrange character compared to alder, which might make it a little easier for some of you to use in band situations. It definitely is for me. The low-end “sounds” tighter, and the the overall sonic character “sounds” balanced. The treble frequencies have a nice sparkle, although the pickups themselves don’t seem to be overly bright. Afterall, how a tone would sound to the ear is pretty much about the sonic balance. It doesn’t sound thin at all either. The black bobbin pickups give the tone a nice full low-midrange that gets along well with the ash body.

This one is one of my favorites in the shop right now, so anyone who is interested in it will have to fight with me.

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