【Staff Pick!】2015 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Select 1959 Les Paul Vintage Gloss (Bella Donna Burst)

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2015年製 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Select 1959 Les Paul Vintage Gloss (Bella Donna Burst)です。









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My pick for today is…

2015 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Select 1959 Les Paul Vintage Gloss (Bella Donna Burst).

Bella Donna Burst was the finish used for Gibson Custom Shop Collector’s Choice #14, which is a replica of Waddy Wachtel’s 1960 Burst. “Bella Donna” is “beautiful lady” in Italian, and the coloring is indeed beautiful with a slight tinge of Iced Tea-ish brown around the toggle switch and treble string side cutaway. Lemon Burst is one of my favorite colors for Les Pauls, but it’s even better when you can see the “fade”. The top has a gorgeous figure, much like waves on the sea. Very 3-dimentional, showing different expressions at different angles. Bella Donna indeed.

Though this guitar is very much fitting to keep inside the house for collection (I can hear some of you saying “Nah bruh ya gotta play that thang”), it is just as fitting to play. The neck feels superb with the rolled edge profile which is somewhat like a soft-V shape. The neck does have the thickness, way more than Strats obviously, but with the edges rolled away, they don’t feel so big in the hands. They started doing this profile with the True Historic line, which means, according to Gibson, this is the kind of neck profile that vintage Bursts had back in the day.

Weighing just around the 8.8 lbs mark, it falls right in the sweet spot. Playing it sitting down, the guitar is a bit body-heavy, but this goes to show that the neck is light and resonant, resulting in looser, richer harmonic character.

A beauty and a player, all in one.

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