【Staff Pick!】2016 Gibson Custom Shop True Historic 1959 Les Paul Murphy Aged (Double Dirty Lemon)

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2016年製 Gibson Custom Shop True Historic 1959 Les Paul Murphy Aged (Double Dirty Lemon)です。













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My pick for today is…

2016 Gibson Custom Shop True Historic 1959 Les Paul Murphy Aged (Double Dirty Lemon).


Another True Historic goodness right here.

Painted and aged by master Tom Murphy himself, this one recreates what a Les Paul would look like after years of use and all the burst outline gone. The figure on the maple top and the finish checking create a complex pattern that’s simply beautiful. What more can you say? Just a gorgeous instrument.

What sets this particular guitar apart from other True Historic Les Pauls is the weight. While True Historics tend to be very light, which I would say is a trend, but the one we have today is a little under 9.1 lbs, which isn’t anything absurd for a Les Paul, but definitely on the heavy side for a True Historic.

I think it is safe to say that Les Pauls are commonly thought as being heavy, which compared to other models, is true. Nobody would really want to break their backs carrying a guitar around, and if you had a light guitar and a heavy guitar and you are getting the same tone from the two, I’m pretty sure most people would choose the lighter one. The thing is, this isn’t the case. A light Les Paul and a heavy Les Paul will never sound the same.

That being said, the reason why I am calling this “lighter the better” mindset a trend is because everyone has their preference. I have had customers who thought “lighter is always better, and that’s why True Historics are expensive”, but the kind of tone they were looking for was actually in heavier Les Pauls. I have said this maybe a thousand times on this blog, but I’ll say it again. Lighter Les Pauls tend to have a more bloomy midrange and airiness, less treble and low-end. Heavier Les Pauls have more punch and clarity with more brightness and tighter low-end. The resulting tone will obviously change if you have different pickups, but the sound of the wood is basically going to be as mentioned.

Recent True Historics are obviously great looking with tons of vintage vibe, and because many are light (some very light), it’s cool to see one that’s got good weight. You get the True Historic quality and the meaty, in-your-face tone from this big bad boy.


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