【Staff Pick!】2017 Fender Custom Shop ’52 Telecaster Heavy Relic (Sunburst)

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2017年製 Fender Custom Shop ’52 Telecaster Heavy Relic (Sunburst)です。








Hello friends!


My pick for today is…

2017 Fender Custom Shop ’52 Telecaster Heavy Relic (Sunburst).


I’m loving the look of this one. There is no such thing as a ’52 Blackguard in 2-tone sunburst, but it’s cool. I honestly wish they made one of these back then.

Anyways, the heavy relic really adds some mojo to this guitar. All those paint chips and buckle rash gives it the look of a workhorse. The back of the neck feels nice and smooth, and the soft V profile felt very comfortable in my hands. The neck isn’t a huge U like many Custom Shop ’52 Teles which I like as well because they give the tone a nice low-end, but this soft-V feels like home even though it still has some thickness, pretty close to Les Pauls.

Because of its lightweight ash body, this Tele has a dry, clangy tone and sparkle. While some Teles have a quiet neck pickup compared to the bridge, but the two pickups on this guitar has a nice and balanced output, which result in a great sounding center position with the two pickups mixed. With the sparkle that this guitar has, there’s great definition and treble frequency harmonics when overdriven, providing broad sonic and harmonic range when playing inside a band. You can absolutely use it for lead playing as well. This is a fun guitar to play for sure.


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