【Staff Pick!】2017 Gibson Custom Shop Slash 1958 Les Paul First Standard Aged & Signed (Cherry Sunburst)

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2017年製 Gibson Custom Shop Slash 1958 Les Paul First Standard Aged & Signed (Cherry Sunburst)です。



1957年まではレスポールの正式名称はただの”レスポール”でゴールドトップフィニッシュのみだったのですが (もちろんレスポール・カスタムはまた別物です)、1958年になりサンバーストフィニッシュを新たに追加し、モデル名に”スタンダード”を足します。そのため58年製はサンバーストとゴールドトップの両方があり、59年からはサンバーストのみになります。58年から60年の生産中止までの間に製造されたレスポールはその生産数の少なさも手伝って現在では天文学的な値段で取引されていることは周知の通り。こういったこともあり、この年代のサンバーストフィニッシュのレスポールは”バースト”という愛称で呼ばれ、それ以前のゴールドトップと区別されています。








Hello friends!


My pick for today is…

2017 Gibson Custom Shop Slash 1958 Les Paul First Standard Aged & Signed (Cherry Sunburst)!!!!

Do I even have to explain the story behind this guitar? I will just for the sake of it, and I apologize in advance if you find it boring.

Also, we have been getting calls from overseas customers, but sorry, we won’t be able to ship this one outside of Japan. It was just too good not to share this with you guys.

Gibson Custom Shop did a limited run of these last year to recreate one of the first two Les Paul Standards in sunburst finish ever made and now owned by the rock icon Slash. The one we have here is one of the 50 guitars with the aged treatment and signed by Slash himself. There are also 100 with just the aged treatment, and another 150 in Vintage Gloss.

Up until 1957, Les Pauls were just “Les Paul” and came only in Gold Top finish. That changed in 1958 and Gibson added sunburst finish to the catalogue color option and changed the model name to “Les Paul Standard”, so we sometimes see ’58s in both sunburst and Gold Top (no Gold Top from ’59). Nowadays, these sunburst Les Pauls from 1958 until its discontinuation in 1960 are especially sought after and the price has skyrocketed as you all may be aware. Fans would affectionately refer to Les Pauls from ’58 to ’60 a “Burst” to distinguish them from the earlier Gold Top Les Pauls.

So, First Standard. One of the two Bursts that started it all. That’s all for today’s history class.

Let’s look at this particular guitar. I urge you to because as good as this thing looks, it actually plays and sounds fantastic. An amazing example of a Les Paul at its best. The lightweight body conjures up an unbelievable amount of harmonics, and though there are other lightweight Les Pauls out there, they sometimes lack the punch and tightness, but not with this one. I don’t know how they do it, but that’s how it is.

This is an exceptionally good Les Paul, and it’s the First Standard. I can’t ask for more.

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