nico-nico guitars shop interior photo

How the items are displayed at the shop after we purchased the products

After cleaning around the frets, adjustment of the neck and maintenance of the electrical system, etc. have been done, the body and parts are carefully polished, replacing the strings to new ones then the guitars are displayed at the sales floor.

We handle only the highest quality items met to our standards to fulfill customers' satisfaction.

How are the inventories taken care of ?

We keep checking the shop every day and keeping the guitars clean, so that each staff will notice any changes occurred.
Of course, we will change the strings to new ones regularly.
Moreover, if there is any change to the neck due to change of climate etc., we will re-adjust it.
We keep our inventories in the best condition.

Who are the customers ?

We have both domestic and international customers, both pro & amateur players who loves guitars from allover the world.

Our main purchasers are in average age of 30's to 50's, but of course there are many younger customers including teenagers.

It is our pleasure to show everyone those wonderful guitars.
We are waiting for customers with various wonderful guitars.
We strive to fulfill customers request and are committed to kind and attentive service to every customer.
We also have female staff, so ladies, please do not hesitate to come and see us.

What kind of advice will you give to the customers ?

We listen to customer requests regarding desired item and price and will give our recommendation as much as we can.
Also we make advices to the customer's questions, however, the final decision of purchase should always be made by the customers.

In addition, we offer the customers the best highest price when we purchase / trade-in items.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the trade-in transaction by mail or visit.

I would like to visit the shop just to see the guitars, is it OK just to look around the shop ?

There are more than 500 selected guitars in the shop waiting for you.
Of course it is greatly appreciated if you visit our shop and look around those beautiful instruments.

We never push you to sell those items so please feel free and take your time to look around the shop.

We also have many rare guitars.
We would be grateful if you feel the splendor and charm of each guitar.

Is it OK to try the guitar before buying it ?

There are two guitar trial corners in the shop, and we have more than one amp for you to try.
Of course it is fine to pick up the guitar just to check the texture, neck shape, weight etc., so please do not hesitate to contact your nearest shop staff.